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Referee Instructions


Please follow all of these steps to become a TSC referee (follow links in green)

  1. All Referees must be USSF Grassroots Referee certified (formerly we required Grade 8, but USSF is changing in 2020 to a single certification to replace Grades 7, 8 and 9 called Grassroots Referee). Go to the Oregon Referee Committee website for information on new certifications and recertifications.  You MUST have an unexpired badge (2021 or 2022) to referee for TSC in the fall of 2021.
    • New referees
      • You must successfully complete a Grassroots training course
    • Existing/Returning referees
      • You must hold an unexpired badge (2021 or 2022). For most returning referees this means renewing yearly.
      • See instructions on the ORC website above. This process can take several weeks. PLAN AHEAD!!
  2. TSC uses Oregon Soccer Central for referee scheduling and payment. You must register on this website.
    • Register/Login to this website and go to the "List of Orgs" tab. Click Tualatin SC. Click the "Please Add Me" button on the bottom of the page.
    • If you are a new referee please contact the referee assignor to express interest (see FAQs / policy about Tualatin only youth referees below).
    • On your Soccer Central profile (all under the My Info tab), please:
      • Include your USSF certification information and training date(s).
      • Fill out the W-9 Form.
      • Enter your payment preferences (TSC pays via Soccer Central).


Q: I am a youth referee (age 13-18) but don't live in Tualatin or go to school there. Can I referee for TSC?

A: Not at this time. Many years we have so many interested youth referees from our local community that we have chosen to keep our referee pool local only to provide this group with enough opportunities. Local means you live in Tualatin or go to school in Tualatin (Hazelbrook MS, Tualatin HS, Horizon Christian, Arbor Arts and Sciences) or have other significant close ties to the community. If you believe you qualify as local but don't have a Tualatin address, you MUST contact the Referee Assignor to explain your situation. All other requests in Soccer Central from non-Tualatin addresses will be ignored or denied.

Q: I am an adult referee (over 18 and have graduated from high school). Do I need to be from Tualatin to referee?

A: No. Adult referees may live anywhere if they are current with certifications (USSF Grassroots or Grade 8 minimum) on Soccer Central. Adult referees are mainly needed to center High School coed games and sometimes older youth games when qualified youth referees are not available. Adults also do not need to attend the youth referee meeting, but it is expected that they will review the "Rules and Reference" tab on this site to enforce local recreational rules.

Q: My certification expired (or I just took the class and my paperwork is still in process). Can I referee right now?

A: No, you cannot. Your current USSF certification is also your source of liability insurance as well as confirmation of concussion training and SafeSport certification for referees 18 and older. We cannot assign referees to games without a current certification as they have no proof of insurance and compliance with the laws.

Referees with expired badges can still renew by contacting the Oregon Referee Committee. In some situations they will be required to take a test again, but not the full course, do concussion training, and if over 18 they must complete SafeSport training. There is also a recertification fee. They will also be eligible to referee immediately once their paperwork is processed by USSF and received by Soccer Central. This process can take several weeks, so please plan ahead.

Qs: Are their local rules? How do I get assigned games? How do I get paid? What do I get paid? How many games can I do? What uniform do I need? What ages can I referee? How will the TSC referee assignor communicate with me?

As: TSC holds a yearly mandatory meeting for youth referees prior to the season to go over recreational and age specific rule modifications, the assigning process, expectations of referees and to answer all other questions.

This meeting is announced by email to all referees in the TSC referee pool on Soccer Central before August 15th and will take place approximately September 1 (typically there are 2 meetings to catch referees who may be unavailable), just prior to the season starting.

All referees who have followed the above instructions will receive an email confirming they are on our club's referee list in Soccer Central. All communication before and during the season is done by email and whichever email(s) you registered on Soccer Central will be used (therefore it is vitally important that your email be correct, and you frequently monitor your inbox).

If you miss the pre-season meeting for ANY reason, you will be responsible for reviewing the materials. You MUST contact the referee assignor to be sent the complete packet of preseason youth materials or you won't be made active for game assignment.

Adult referees who are familiar with the Soccer Central process (TSC is largely self-assign) do not need to attend the youth referee meeting but it is expected that they will review the "Rules and Reference" tab on this site - see tabs to the left under "For Referees" for local rules and be appropriately prepared for their matches.

If you have other questions, please contact the Referee Assignor at [email protected].


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