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A letter from the Tualatin Soccer Club President

Hello Tualatin Soccer Club Families,

Tualatin Soccer Club is a locally based, volunteer only, recreationally focused, Soccer Club. Our purpose and commitment is to provide the local community with the opportunity to play soccer at whatever level a player or coach chooses to participate in. In Oregon, there are 2 viable levels of play opportunities for players and coaches to participate in. One is competitive and one is Recreational. Recreational Soccer (also known as grassroots) is focused on learning, equal playing time, having fun, and shorter durations. Competitive is focused on building players, a longer season, and a path to higher levels of play that cannot be reached in recreational soccer. Within these two basic categories are many levels of play and many variables that affect the level a player or coach can reach within their soccer career. So, while the Tualatin Soccer Club maintains and administers a recreational program the club works with other agencies to provide services and opportunities in programs that are at every viable level. Our focus is on the Tualatin Community and its members.

While the Tualatin Soccer Club does operate recreational programs we advocate at many levels throughout the state for every level of play. Tualatin Soccer Club is not interested in managing the operational details in the competitive sphere but we are here to ensure that our local players, families, and coaches are able to access those opportunities. We build relationships with clubs, leagues, and vendors to provide a variety of opportunities at many levels of play. All of this is to ensure local kids and families have access to the opportunities that can come from a good experience at every level of play. The soccer landscape in Oregon can be volatile just like any other industry. Things change and as such the Tualatin Soccer Club changes. We try to keep things as stable as possible but sometimes a program or vendor is just not working the way we had hoped. As a Club, we are committed to allowing the evolution of soccer in the area in order to provide opportunities for our local community to participate in those opportunities.

Many opportunities to partner with outside agencies have been brought to us and we always consider them. But unless there is a definite benefit to our local community (not necessarily the outside agency or club or clinic, etc...) we do not entertain the partnership. Several agencies have tried to "take over" or move into the area or take advantage of a very favorable local community that loves their sports. Rest assured we are here to help you in making those sporting decisions and to make sure our community has the opportunities to participate in Soccer at any level. As an all-volunteer organization, we do not take any personal profit and everything we have is focused on going back into the community.

On this page, you will find the local opportunities for competitive play that we have access to at any given time. These opportunities will change as we evolve and as Soccer in the area evolves. We are not here to make those decisions for you but to help and give you the information and experience we have with the Soccer community in Oregon. We are not unbiased but will give information about opportunities that we believe benefit the local community over the agency or individual providing the service. We believe that a well-informed family can make the choice that is best for themselves even if that is not the same for every family.

So have a look at the opportunities we are currently aware of. If you have further questions we do not have a competitive soccer advocate yet but you can email me at [email protected]. I will do what I can to get you the info you need or get you in contact with someone that has more information.

As always, we wish you the best of luck in Soccer!


Trevor Owens
Tualatin Soccer Club


Competitive and Development Level Soccer


The Tualatin Soccer Club is working with Albion SC Portland to offer Competitive and Development Level Soccer


Albion SC Portland

Formerly Southside Soccer Club, Woodburn SC, and Tigard Youth Soccer, Albion SC Portland is a large club with many affiliates throughout the United States. This means they have access to many regions such as Northern California, Southern California, Hawaii, Nevada, etc.. All of the Albion Affiliates use the same systems, badging, and curriculum making for one seamless team throughout many states. Albion SC Portland is one of the newest Affiliates and thus is growing rapidly in the Portland area. You can find the Website for Albion SC Portland HERE

In addition to having access to Albion and it's coaches we already have many Tualatin families playing with the club. We believe in keeping soccer accessible at every level. We don't want families to have to drive to other communities (such as Sherwood or Lake Oswego) just to play for a good team. Albion SC Portland's operational area is basically the Tigard Tualatin School District boundaries and Woodburn. That means that all of their training can be found locally. They are also backed by a Sponsor that is looking to build as local field complex adding to the already strained Tigard and Tualatin Fields inventory.

All of this means that Albion SC Portland is the right choice for the Tualatin Soccer Club to partner with for Competitive and Developmental level soccer. 

Portland Timbers and Thorns

We do, of course, have 2 professional soccer teams in our area but neither is connected to a local club except through an "alliance" contract. That means the Portland Timbers and Portland Thorns have simply hired a few existing local clubs to use their name. Neither professional club has given any training, coaches, or curriculum to these already existing local clubs. That means they simply have the name "Timbers" or "Thorns" on a badge but the club still runs the way it did before.  It is easy to be fooled by the labels so if you need help interpreting what it all means feel free to send an email to [email protected]

Elite Clubs National League (ECNL Boys and Girls and Regional)

Elite Clubs National League, or ECNL as most in soccer call it, is simply a collection of teams that travel more and play outside their respective territory. Basically if a soccer club -any soccer club- has a team that wants to play in the ECNL they simply have to pay for the access. It does not mean they play better it just means the families pay more for access and for travel. However, the level of play is generally higher because the club makes this regional team based on the best players suited for the team. Generally the level of play of any (with exceptions) Oregon ECNL team is below that of their regional partners. It comes down to market. In order to have a high level team you have to have a lot of kid to choose from. In Washington and California for instance there are very big clubs that have many cities feeding into one regional ECNL program. Oregon unfortunately has several smaller clubs trying to field teams based on their smaller membership. Albion SC does have regional affiliates that do play in the ECNL as well as MLS Next, the Girls Academy League, and the Development Player League all of which are feeders to college and professional play.  


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