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Local Rules Documents

TSC has rule modifications for all age levels. All referees should know and understand these modifications.

Summary includes highlights of 3rd grade (U9) through High School Coed rules aligned with THJSL rules:

TSC and THJSL Rulebook Summary

Links to THJSL detailed recreational rules and can be found here*:

THJSL Rule Modifications for 3rd grade (U9) through High School Coed

* Please note that interplay (TSC vs different clubs) starts at 3rd grade (U9) and therefore we follow THJSL rules exclusively in those age groups. Kindergarten through 2nd grade (U6 to U8) is all TSC vs TSC and those age groups should follow the TSC and THJSL Rulebook 2017 summary rules which differ very slightly from THJSL rules for KG through 2nd grade.


Game Reports

Referees must complete a game report for every game in Oregon Soccer Central. Both center referees and ARs are required to submit a report for each game.

Referee crews should meet post game to make sure their information (scores, disciplinary actions, etc.) all match before submission.

Please submit any and all concerns or comments regarding the game on this report. Contact the referee assignor if there is an urgent issue (meaning it cannot wait a few days for review of game report).


Other Referee Materials/Reference (click links)



Laws of the Game

USSF Grade 8 Videos

Game Notecard - Printable card for notes during the game. These DO NOT need to be signed nor turned in.