Practice Schedules


Field practice signups occur around the time of the Coaches Meetings held each summer. The reservations will be published on this page the week following the Coaches Meetings.

For practice space to be assigned, coaches are required to have completed their (1) background checks and have clearance from Affinity, (2) to have uploaded their yearly concussion certificate and (3) to have completed and documented SafeSport training via Affinity.

Coaches desiring to make reservations after the Coaches Meetings should use the published practice grid to find an available time slot and then contact the Coaching Coordinator with a request for that time slot. Some delay in updating the grid will occur, so it is best to have two or three different time slots in your request in case of a conflict with another request.

2018 Practice Schedules:

K-2 Practice Schedule

3-8 Practice Schedule

How to use:

- All reservations are listed by the last name of the coach that reserved the space.

- You can search and download, but the Master Schedule will not be updated unless you contact the Coaching Coordinator.

- Each field has a dedicated tab with the first tab being All Fields listed by their short name designation (for example IBK4 is Ibach Park - Kindergarten Field number 4 as shown in the photo).

- The master schedule is stored on TSC's Google Drive and is a Sheets spread sheet file.

- Tualatin High School Turf Field : See policy and sign up procedures located on the TuHS Artificial Turf field schedule or contact the Field Coordinator.

- If you cannot find the time or field you want please contact our Coaching Coordinator.