Practice Schedules & Field Assignments

For Coaches:

Field practice signups occur around the time of the team formation meetings held each summer after the conclusion of the registration window. The field reservations will be published on this page the week following the team formation meetings.

For practice space to be assigned, coaches are required to have completed the following:

(1) Register as a coach via

(2) Background checks and have clearance from Affinity

(2) Upload all required training certificates to Affinity

Coaches desiring to make reservations after the original field assignments should use the published practice grid to find an available time slot and then contact the Coaching Coordinator with a request for that time slot. Some delay in updating the grid will occur, so it is best to have two or three different time slots in your request in case of a conflict with another request.

2020 Practice Schedules:

Links will be here once the fields have been assigned in July.