Tualatin Soccer Club Officers and Coordinators



Volunteers Needed


As with most youth sports organizations the Tualatin Soccer Club also needs volunteers to help us run the program, keep costs down and to retain that community feel and ownership that our members have come to expect. Our goal is to provide the best soccer experience possible and allow Tualatin kids the opportunity to play at the level they desire and learn to love the game. We do not stray from that path.

What if we don't get enough volunteers? Simply put the club will have to reorganize and become a new entity with paid staff. That will raise the cost and give over local control to someone who may not even be from this community.

The truth about volunteering for TSC...

The truth is we are focused on one thing and that is the kids. There will always be disagreements in how we go about that but for all of us currently on the board the focus is on our kids. You may have heard of youth organizations with infighting or a bunch of drama between board members. While they may have that issue the TSC Board has maintained many of our members because we don't have a bunch of drama. The current board members are truly committed to bringing the kids in Tualatin the best experience possible. BUT that can't happen without your help.

Open Volunteer/Coordinator Positions:

High School Coordinator: This position is integral to our Club! This position manages our High School Co-ed program.

Board Member Positions Currently OPEN:

Vice President: This is a voting position. Recently vacated, this position is integral to our club.

Contact the President, Trevor Owens, if you have any questions related to these positions. tualatinsoccerclub.president@gmail.com